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By Astar Core

Band Protocol

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Sirius Finance: How to APE in Sirius Finance? [Video]

How to use Sirius Finance ?

By Subwallet

Subwallet: Connect SubWallet to the Astar Portal [Video]

SubWallet x Astar Series: Connect SubWallet to the Astar Portal

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Subwallet: Manage Astar assets with SubWallet [Video]

Manage Astar assets with SubWallet

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Subwallet: Transfer $ASTR between SubWallet & Metamask [Video]

SubWallet x Astar Series: Transfer $ASTR between SubWallet & Metamask

By Subwallet

Subwallet: Send fund [Video]

SubWallet x Astar Series: Send fund

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Astar is a Polkadot-native dApp hub supporting Ethereum, WebAssembly, dApp Staking, and Layer2 solutions


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What is Astar?

What is Astar?

Astar Network is a scalable and interoperable infrastructure for Web 3.0. Since Astar Network is built with Parity’s Substrate framework, it is a Polkadot parachain that acts as a scalable smart contract platform. The Polkadot Relaychain does not support smart contracts by design. It gives Astar an opportunity to fill in this gap. Scalability is obviously one of the most crucial demands that dApp developers have. Ideally, the developers can build any applications on Astar Network without having to consider their scalability

Why Astar?